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NBA All-Star Game 2016

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Shooters shoot.

Michael Beasley is one of the most legendary basketball players in NCAA history, and this year he’s focused on raising his NBA rep when he fills Carmelo Anthony’s spot on the New York Knicks.

Taylor Rooks is a rising star for SportsNet New York and CBS Sports because she gets to the bottom of the stories that matter to sports fans.

In the video below, Rooks doesn’t back down when challenging Beasley to put some more thought into his next-level theories about the human brain.

It’s not hard to see how the scoring specialist and marijuana enthusiast earned the nickname “Be Easy” over the years.

Now the tweets want to know if his theory was inspired by the loud, or if he was just trying to ease his way into the paint to get off a decent shot with Ms. Rooks?

Either way, can’t be mad at the man.

But, um, why does he have three watches on. Including on around his ankle?


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