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A woman by the name of Keiotia Watson went on record to claim that rap icon Lil Wayne is the estranged father to her 15-year-old son. Not only has she posted as much on Instagram (see above), she got the law involved.

In an article that went live earlier today, TMZ wrote “Watson has filed legal docs, claiming that she had a sexual relationship with Weezy in June 2001. She believes he is the father of her son, Dwayne, who was born in February 2002 and carries Weezy’s given first name.” But there’s more.

According to TMZ, a judge ruled in Watson’s favor two years ago and ordered Wayne to pay $5,000/month in child support, but Weezy hasn’t sent his alleged baby mama any coin yet. “Our Wayne sources say he hasn’t paid because he was never served with legal papers or notified he’s legally the father. One source close to Wayne says the rapper plans to take a paternity test and if he’s the dad he’ll take full responsibility and pay the piper,” the article states.

Meet the Wayne’z alleged baby mama below.

Keiotia (left goes to church):

She has a man:

She enjoys pigtails:

…And the occasional glass of wine:

…And snacks that are sexy:

She’s got an adorable puppy:

…And at least two other kids, who she has not linked to Lil Wayne:

She can slay some hair:

Her alleged son with Wayne is a budding young artist:

…And she’s really convinced Wayne is his father (scroll through):

…And, like most women, she enjoys a good selfie.

For more photos of Wayne’s alleged teenage son, follow Keiotia here.

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