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First it was Rachel Dolezal — now Martina Big is reminding us of our Black privilege.

Big, a former glamour model, has spent almost $70,000 on surgery to transform herself into an “exotic Black Barbie.” In an interview with ITV’s This Morning, the 28-year old tanning addict said, “I want to go to Africa to learn about the culture. I can feel in myself that I am changing to a black woman. Now I am a black woman I have to learn.”

Next up on her list of to do surgeries, Martina is getting a nose job because she desperately wants an “African nose.”

The fact that women use to get rhinoplasty to achieve the European look and now White women are spending loads of cash to get Black women curves and features is irony at it’s best. Who knew that there was someone out here more delusional than Rachel Dolezal.


Check out the full interview above.


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