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Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Soulja Boy & Drake In Concert

Source: Kristian Dowling / Getty

Remember when MySpace was once the only form of social media that mattered?

Before Soundcloud, Twitter and Facebook were home to millions of indie rappers and podcasters, a teenager living in Mississippi showed everybody how to crank up their worth using the web.

With just a MySpace profile, FL Studio (Fruity Loops) production software and his millennial genius, Soulja Boy helped pave the way for every artist who is currently getting checks from streams or chasing followers.

The ringtone rap era that Soulja’s “Crank That” went on to inspire didn’t produce the greatest music in Hip Hop’s rich history, but it defintiely changed the blueprint for the current generation.

Ten years ago (October 2, 2007), dropped worldwide.

Soulja was viral before the Internet knew how to track trends.

Respect the architect.