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Before he was an actor, Terry Crews was a professional football player. He’s been muscular his whole life after dealing with an abusive father, because he explains that he knew at a young age that he wanted to make himself strong enough to fight back if he needed to. A stoic figure like Crews is someone most of us would never have imagined to deal with any issues of disrespect–and if he does, one might assume he’d be able to handle them physically–but that certainly doesn’t mean he does not have any mental demons.

With more and more women coming forward to denounce Harvey Weinstein‘s allegations of sexual misconduct, it seems like men have been missing from the picture, support wise. Though this might seem like a women’s’ issue, that is far from the truth–and Terry made the clear on Tuesday when he came forth on Twitter to put in his two cents. He revealed that he, too had been sexually assaulted by a Hollywood executive, and never came forward in fear that he would receive backlash. His Tweets about the situation are below:


Though he explains that this situation did not happen with Harvey himself, he understands and sympathizes with women who are going through the same thing. It is so brave of Terry Crews to tell his story in order for everyone to understand that there is no one victim profile, and these type of things can happen to anyone. Though black men can often be ostracized for showing emotions, hopefully him coming forward will not only add another narrative to the situation, but validity, as well.

Thank you to Terry for being brave enough to share his story in the light of others who are experiencing the same things and being bashed for it.


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