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Dating apps were all the rage in 2016 , but nowadays, it’s pointless to even download Tinder or Grindr when you have good ol’ Instagram.

Just like most things in society, White people are just now getting hip to the fact that IG is not just for uploading cute pics and cliché captions — sliding in someone’s DM’s is the quickest way to hook up with the person you’ve been daydreaming about. An article on Mashable proclaimed, “There’s another app that’s rapidly becoming a hotspot for digital flirting, whether you want it to be or not: Instagram.” But didn’t we already know the power of the ‘gram?



The article continued, “Rather than magically inboxing me out-of-the-blue, these DMs often appear after I’ve posted a photo on Instagram, or updated my story. If I’m travelling overseas, the Insta-flirter will DM me something related to the #humblebrag I just posted on my story.” That sounds pretty normal to us.

Let’s not forget that there’s a whole song about it “Going Down In The DM’s” and that famous people like Iggy Azalea and Nick Young started their nearly 3 year long relationship after Nick slid in the rapper’s DM’s.


Long story short, meeting a potential mate on Instagram is nothing new. If anything, it’s quicker to slide in someone’s DM’s, say how you feel and get feedback on whether they read your message or not than it is to aimlessly swipe right and question why someone hasn’t inboxed you on Tinder.

Either way, good luck dating in this generation.



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