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THEY.’s song “U Rite” has over 2 million views on YouTube and their bright futures are only beginning. Our man BlogXilla caught up with the young artists at Radio One’s Blitz showcase in New York City to talk about how they’re adjusting to viral fame.

They explain the inspiration for their unique name and what it was like to hear their song on the radio for the first time: “Anytime you hear anything on the radio of yours, it’s insane. But that song came so last minute. We wasn’t even supposed to be on the album. To know that’s the song that’s taking off and gaining traction on the radio, it’s kind of crazy. What if we didn’t decide to make it at that last minute.”

And what about that unusual name? “It started off pretty innocently, it was the name of one of the beats for our song ‘Back It Up.’ We just kind of liked it, it’s very different, it kind of stands out when you see it,” THEY. said. “And it’s taken on a bigger meaning. A lot of people understand the meaning of the word ‘they.'”

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