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Kevin Hart Birthday Celebration And Mural Dedication

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Kevin Hart has been doing his best to duck and jive all talk of his cheating allegations that have had him in the spotlight for the last few weeks. Whether it’s bringing his friends to an interview with him to keep the focus off of himself or posting a picture of his wife Eniko claiming in the caption he doesn’t care about the hate comments, he’s definitely been trying to steer clear of the topic.

Some do say that all publicity is good publicity, and whether or not this was planned before Kevin’s PR nightmare, he’s making the best of it. Hart is taking advantage of all eyes being on him by announcing the first leg of his next tour, playfully named the Irresponsible Tour. He posted a trailer for the upcoming adventure onto his Instagram page, and the video couldn’t be more direct–watch for yourselves:


So from the looks of the snippet (of a video that will be dropped in it’s entirety this Friday) Kevin is going to dive head-on into the issues he’s been dealing with and laugh away the pain. This won’t be the first time Hart will talk about his own unfaithful ways in his stand-up routines, he has used his problems with ex-wife Torrei as the punchline to many jokes–so this shouldn’t be too hard for Kev to master. The video dropping Friday will surely go into more detail about the contents of the shows, but seeing how much fun people had clowning Kevin for his indiscretions online, it’s sure to sell out quickly just like his previous tours.

This is definitely what we call making lemonade out of life’s rotten lemons.

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