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Another day, another viral video of White youth spewing racist slurs.

This time, a group of Utah teenagers from Weber High School were on camera chanting, “f*ck n*ggers” repeatedly. The ten second video was uploaded to Instagram on Monday and now the Weber School District says they’re investigating the origin and reasoning for the video. “We are shocked by the conduct of these students and the contents of the video,” they said in a statement. “School officials are in the process of making contact with the students involved and their families. Those contacted have already expressed regret and are extremely apologetic for what has happened.” You can check out the explicit video for yourself below.

Once the video was shared throughout the web, many people expressed outrage, but there were also folks who defended the girls’ behavior.

Even the Iron County School District superintendent, Shannon Dulaney, seemed to condemn and defend the girls at the same time. She said she believes the students in Utah are “inherently good” and often the “good deeds” of student ambassadors go unnoticed. She said more sharing of the positive stories as much as the negative ones can help “turn things like this around.”

Undoing years of racist thinking and language will require more than the sharing of positive stories, but okay. We’ll keep you updated with any other major developments.