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If you haven’t heard of Big Shaq, you’ve probably seen at least one meme about his famous “freestyle” that ended up going viral. He fooled everyone into thinking he was a (hilariously bad) rapper, but is actually British comedian named Michael Dapaah playing a character. His freestyle went viral back in early September when his “The Ting Goes” meme completely popped off, following his appearance on BBC Radio 1Xtra’s “Fire in the Booth.” That same freestyle was also the result of the ever-quotable “Mans Not Hot,” a song that showed up on iTunes very shortly after it took place.

A few weeks after the song dropped, the real-deal Shaquille O’Neal heard about it, and decided to release a diss track aimed at the man calling himself Big Shaq. In the track, he declares that there is “only one Big Shaq” and then proceeded to throw some more jabs in the British rapper’s direction. He also collaborated on the song with a rapper from Toronto named ShaqIsDope, making things all the more confusing in this Shaq v. Shaq beef.

The diss track against him only fueled Big Shaq’s momentum. He turned right back around and released a video for his viral track “Mans Not Hot” nearly 2 weeks after Shaq’s diss track hit the internet, which quickly gained millions of views. The music video created even more longevity for a viral sensation that wasn’t going to die any time soon.

One day following the release of his music video, Big Shaq then responded to Shaq by performing a remix of “Mans Not Hot” for Bleacher Report, which is also labeled as a diss to the former Laker. 

And for the latest in beef news, it seems like Mr. O’Neal caught wind of the track aimed at him. On Monday night, he took to Instagram to address Big Shaq for a second time. He called the rapper a fraud and referred to him as “fake Shaq,” also telling him to “#learnhowtorap.”

That’s the end of the beef, for now, but who knows what will happen later on. Maybe all Shaqs can live together happily ever after and release a song together.