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Adele In Concert - Auburn Hills, Michigan

Source: Scott Legato / Getty

It definitely wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that Adele isn’t short on money–for the second year in a row, the “Hellow” singer has been named the richest UK star in Heat’s Rich List, just topping Danielle Radcliffe. But in perfect Adele fashion, she demonstrated just how well-off she is in a way she probably assumed would never reach the public in the first place.

Even though she hasn’t released a project since her album 25 more than 2 years ago, the star is worth a whopping $132 million–which is almost 3 times the wealth of Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, and Emma Watson. News broke of Adele turning down a big pay day to do some tasks other people would see as menial, but with her fortune, it shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise.

The story goes that when asked to do a private performance in the Middle East, which came with a paycheck for $1 million, Adele turned it down. But the reason she’s said to have done so is even better: Apparently, she had to weed her garden. According to Guy Sebastian, an Australian singer who knows Adele’s agent, the superstar turned down a two-gig deal in order to stay home and do some gardening. Sebastian told the Daily Star: “I was with Adele’s agent and two gigs offered her a $1 million deal to perform. Her agent said: ‘Nah, she’s not doing it. She’s busy gardening this week. Adele is often weeding these days.’”

There you have it. When you’re rich, sometimes you just have to treat yo’self and turn down a $1 million check for a personal day. Can’t relate.