Halle continued to glow on the silver screen in X-Men 2, where she reprised her role as Storm, and she also showed out in Gothika, where she plays a psychiatrist who suddenly loses control of her own mind.

In the rap world, JAY-Z makes light of Halle’s 2000 driving incident and Foxy Brown honors her historic Oscar win on Luther Vandoss’ last album, Dance With My Father.


Foxy Brown
“If It Ain’t One Thing”
Luther Vandross’ Dance With My Father
“And, I give you good love, I cook you dinner (uhh)
And like Halle and Denzel, your wife is a winner”


The Black Album
“I’m young, black and rich so they wanna strip me naked, but
You’ll never had me like Christina Aguiler-y
But catch me down the Westside, drivin like Halle Berry”

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