57th Annual Emmy Awards - Arrivals

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With her Hollywood legacy firmly in tact, Halle took a risk on a passion project based on Zora Heale Hurston’s novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, Berry and Michael Ealey shined in the Jim Crow-era narrative, which was produced by Oprah and aired on ABC. And she also found time to lend her voice to the star-studded kids movie, Robots.

On the record, 50 Cent daydreamed about the prospect of knocking Halle up, spitting”Shit, I’d give that child support up with no problems.” Meanwhile, Common used her name as a synonym for soft and scary on “Chi-City,” and Webbie showed that true savages weren’t tripping over Halle’s Monster’s Ball sex scene.

Oh, and young ‘Ye made the first of many references to Ms. Berry’s beauty on his Freshman Adjustment mixtape.


50 Cent

“What If”

Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ Soundtrack


“Man what if Halle Berry was my next baby moms?

Shit I’d give that child support up with no problems”

16th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball - Inside

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#31. Common




“I’m harder than the times, you hardly scary

Holdin’ gats inside, you cats is Halle Berry.”



“Like That”

Savage Life


“Ever seen that movie Monster Ball?

Bend over like Halle Berry on that part when ole boy knocked her off”


Kanye West
Freshman Adjustment
“Tryin’ to see can I afford Canaries

With a Ferrari and a dinner date with Halle Berry

Went from fifty g’s to fifteen hundred in a week.”

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