NBC's '70th Annual Golden Globe Awards' - Arrivals

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Halle’s return to acting came in a movie that she also produced, the psychological drama, Frankie & Alice, which stars the actress as a biracial woman who’s mental health issues complicate her racial identity. Halle’s real mother, a White woman, used to work in a psychiatric ward in Ohio, and her Black father was reportedly a patient there.

In the rap world, Halle’s biracial kinfolk J. Cole asked his love interest to be his co-star like Halle, and Kanye West dreamed of one-day raising a Hollywood queen, telling his future partner, “We’ll raise us a Beyonce, maybe she’ll be a Halle.”




Friday Night Lights


“Cause yo ass got me fiending for ya so far

My life is like a movie, would you be my co-star

Like Halle Berry? Your old nigga act like a bitch, like Tyler Perry

You caught him down in Memphis cheating like Calipari.”


Kanye West

“Don’t Look Down”

G.O.O.D. Friday


“We pulled up at the valet, we’ll teach our daughter ballet

We’ll raise us a Beyonce, maybe she’ll be a Halle.”

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