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In 1993, Halle carried the positive charges of Jungle Fever and Boomerang into higher levels of Hollywood. Staring alongside Patrick Swayze (Fatherhood) and a young Omar Epps (The Program), she shined.

Around the same time, a lyrical prodigy named Nasir Jones had a deafening buzz across New York City as the rap world anxiously anticipated his debut album, Illmatic.

A year before Illmatic dropped, Nas and his Braveheart crew visited Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito‘s infamous college radio show and dropped a freestyle that included a bar honoring Halle’s ill figure.

The mention, by Braveheart member 6″9, didn’t play on MTV or radio airwaves, but it was a clear sign that Halle’s rep was growing. It also proved that the hood recognized and acknowledged her star potential long before most of Hollywood did.


Nas, Jungle, Nature and 6”9


Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito’s show on WKCR, later Released on Illmatic XX (2015).


“Hey, Yo, Six-Nine a true to life nigga

Yo, my style is iller, iller than Halle Berry’s figure.”

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