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In 1995, Halle starred in a made-for-TV movie as the biblical Queen of Sheba in Solomon and Sheba.

She also starred alongside Cuba Gooding Jr. in Losing Isaiah, where she plays an addict who abandons her young son then returns for him after a White woman has adopted him.

Meanwhile, the Hip Hop community was still paying close attention to Ms. Berry’s blossoming career; East coast lyricists Mic Geronimo, Treach of Naughty By Nature and the late great Big L all mentioned Halle’s name with varying degrees of charm.


“The Natural”

Mic Geronimo


“Cristal and Dom-P, getting sexed in the ‘telly

From bitches, who’s in the running (how they look?) up with Halle Berry”


Big L

“8 Is Enuff”


“I’m hotter than Cali, wicked like Harry

And fuck Sally, I rather marry Halle”


Treach of Naughty By Nature

“Respect Due”

Poverty’s Paradise


“And ’bout as brown as Bobby wit’ a trolley

To bury Halle, it’s chocolate, so pardon Dolly as a hobby”

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