In 1997, Halle teamed with Robert Townsend to create the cult classic B*A*P*S*, where she and Natalie Desselle play country girls who fly to Los Angeles to chase video vixen dreams.

By then, it wasn’t unusual for ballers like Master P and Ma$e to set Ms. Berry as a peak image of beauty throughout pop culture. But her mainstream popularity also inspired plenty of debates about color dynamics in American media.

It’s difficult for any rational person to argue that Halle’s universal popularity isn’t made possible by her light skin, loose curl pattern and presence in this time and place.

But it’s just as difficult to deny her beauty objectively, so all color critiques are better aimed at the world that created and continues to adore her.


Master P

“Plan B”

Ghetto D


“Causing major pain on this dope game

You be Halle Berry, I’ll be the ghetto Damon Wayan’s”



“Love U So”


“When you very large, never spend cheddar, you charge

Get my daily menage, Halle Berry massage”

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