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We’ve got a new Youtube music competition on our hands.

In three episodes, starring Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, and Jason Derulo, aspiring artists cover the singers’ hit songs for the chance to win a duet with their idol. In a chat with ABC radio, Demi went on record to say what an ‘honor’ it is to have fans share their versions of her work. “You know, it’s so cool, I remember covering other people’s songs, and knowing that people loved my song enough to cover it feels awesome,” she tells ABC before revealing her own favorite songs to cover (‘How To Love’ by Lil Wayne and ‘Natural Woman’ by Aretha Franklin).

The Best.Cover.Ever series starts today and it turns out youtube plans to release additional episodes through December 21, starring Charlie Puth and the Backstreet Boys, Flo Rida and Nicky Jam, Bebe Rexha, DNCE, and Keith Urban. Visit Youtube’s Best.Cover.Ever channel to watch.

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