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Singer Erykah Badu and her family are spotted at LAX Airport in Los Angeles, Ca

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Obviously, children are suppose to resemble their parent, but some kids are literal dopplegangers of their moms and dads.

“I think my momma just like arguing with me cause I look like my dad.”- @00tolerance

“How much do you look like your mom? Well her iPhone face ID opens with my face so”- @leishuga

When it comes to celebrity parents, some, like Erykah Badu, live by the code of hiding their kid from the world and the world from their kid. Then there are others like Erykah Badu who don’t mind sharing the blissfulness of motherhood with her followers.  Earlier this year, the singer took to Instagram to wish her and D.O.C’s daughter Puma a happy birthday — and fans flooded her photo with comments about how much the teen looks like her famous mom.


Come to think of it, all of Badu’s kids are a spitting image of their parents. Just look at her son Seven and his dad, Andre 3000. Twinsies!


“Erykah and Andre’s son is literally the spitting image of his dad… such strong genes”- @blaque_bekoolin

Some say that daughters are born looking like their dad’s, while sons resemble their moms. But is that fact or fiction? According to,Samuel M. Scheiner, Ph.D., program director in the division of environmental biology at the National Science Foundation, it’s totally fiction.

“When sperm met egg, the right mix of genes popped up so it could be expressed.Moreover, most traits are the result of multiple genes working together, so some of the effects of the genes are amplified, reduced, or completely turned off”

Seven and Puma aren’t the only ones that looks like their parents spit ’em out. Hit the flip to see more parent-children doppelgangers.

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