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The NFL and the the Players Coalition are reportedly negotiating a league-wide fund that will support “causes considered important to African-American communities.”

ESPN reports that “the NFL hopes this effort will effectively end” the national anthem protests sparked by Colin Kaepernick last year.

The proposal sets aside almost $90 million over next seven years, which will support social justice initiatives that a group of 5 players, 5 owners and 2 league employees vote on.

Before it becomes official, team owners will have to approve the agreement in a vote, which should come in either December or March.

Still, some members of the Players Coalition aren’t sold on the terms yet.

First, the $89 million being spent will be split over seven years, and the deal only requires $250,000 donations per year, per owner.

Also, NFL’s proposal also requires players to match the owners’ contributions with their own.

Plus, the voting system that decides how the fund is spent is still weighted in the leagues favor (7-5).

Those funny numbers are part of the reason why San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid and Miami Dolphins safety Michael Thomas withdrew from the Players Coalition this week. Both have said that they disapprove of how fellow players Malcolm Jenkins and Anquan Boldin are leading negotiations.

In matching statements Wednesday, Reid and Thomas wrote, “Malcolm and Anquan can no longer speak on our behalf as we don’t believe the coalition’s beliefs are in the best interests as a whole.”

Dolphins receiver Kenny Stills told ESPN, “we’re going to let [Jenkins and Boldin] go on with what they’re doing. We’re just saying that we’re not going to have them speak for us.”

This issue is far from resolved, but at least both sides are talking numbers instead of arguing about players’ right to kneel.