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Drake Boy Meets World Tour - Sydney

Source: Lagerhaus / Getty

Drake is getting digitized in a new video game and it’s sure to spark interest if you stay on top of rap beefs.

The 16-bit RPG-style game is called The Legend of Drake: Rise of the 6 God (probably a play on The Legend of Zelda) and it’ll have you taking on the role of rap’s biggest names. Want to navigate rap beefs as Lil B, Future, or Drake? Then this is the game for you. It’s structured like turn-based battles, similar to old fighting games. So if you’re playing as Drake, you might take on Future in pursuit of 6 God status.

The game was created by rapper and game developer Ya Boy Sprightly. It’s meant to be a parody of rap drama, but Sprightly also wanted to bring attention to current issues. In the opening screen, the game calls for justice for Meek Mill and action against systemic racism. A link to donate to the Southern Poverty Law Center is even included.

You can download the game for both Apple and Windows here and you can watch the trailer below.