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Premiere Of Universal Pictures' 'Girls Trip' - Red Carpet

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Medium publisher @NileGirl  breaks down the deep racial dynamics that still sway the entertainment industry:

The ongoing parade of praises for Black women on Twitter is gaining traction as the retweets and quotes asking for less talk and more action continue to blaze the landscape, but we all know that the noise will soon fade into a whisper.

White women gave us Donald Trump and they almost repeated their nasty habit, but thankfully the grace of God or whatever mighty spirit we call upon for reinforcement — intervened and saved us from the hellish nightmare we don’t deserve. And even though emerging victorious in battles that are stressfully prolific is worth a major shoutout — we can’t ignore the source of our discontent.

White women versus Black women has been a constant equation that’s still pending based on the evidence that suggests how White women are constantly given the opportunity to be emotionally vulnerable at the expense of their darker-skinned counterparts — who have to contend with stereotypical labelings and the realization of our devalued status.

Read her full take below: