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If you’re unfamiliar with the entire Logan Paul fiasco, here’s a little summary: The Youtuber visited Japan’s ‘suicide forest’ and posted footage of a dead body, which was followed by him and his friends laughing at the body hanging from a tree. Though the head of the body was blurred out, the rest of the person was shown in full focus as Paul and his whole clan chuckled over discovering someone who committed suicide in ‘suicide forest.’ He deleted the video, but not before it got millions of views.

He’s taken a 3-week break following the fiasco and an apology video, and everybody was waiting to see how he came back from his completely fall from grace. Even though he’s been highly criticized, his popular channel has only gained followers since the incident–so it’s obvious that people were excited to see how he recovered from this. Since his video that gained so much backlash was insensitive to suicide, he’s launched a whole campaign in which he interviewed a suicide survivor and announced his $1 Million donation to the cause.

Some people were pleased with his return, while others just saw it as an PR move that wasn’t very genuine. Those who have gone through similar situations before or know people who have are rightfully acting accordingly, and a lot of older crowds are holding the Paul brother more accountable than his super young fans.

Check out some reactions below to his first video back.