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Global Grind got the opportunity to sit down with Curtis Snow, the man behind the infamous 2012 reality/drama Snow On The Bluff. We caught up with Snow to discuss what he’s been up to since the film, and to go over the roadblocks he’s met along the way.

After the shock of Snow On The Bluff wore off, many have been wondering what happened to Curtis.  According to Snow, he’s working on using a new social media initiative to share his take on news and politics with his fans.

Look alive, y’all. I’m launching a social media series called #RealNews on these folks. I’m tired of the fake shit,” he tells Global Grind.

The fakeness that he’s referring to is a 2016 news story in which CNN reported that he was arrested in a funeral home standoff.

“CNN and them was running #FakeNews on me in 2016, all for the ratings, for real, for real,” says Snow.  “Shit at least the local news tried to get the facts straight. Still, how the only one who put my side of the story out there?”

Believe it or not, Snow isn’t anti-news. He’d just prefer it was delivered truthfully.

“I watch the news every day,” says Snow. “We gotta pay attention. We right down the street from the Center for Disease Control, so if some Walking Dead shit goes down, we the first to go. Gotta stay informed.”

Delivering the #RealNews unfiltered, hit the flip to see Curtis Snow’s take on today’s current events in his own words.

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