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Source: TONY KARUMBA / Getty

This Presidents Day weekend, Black Panther owned the box office by grossing $404 million worldwide and $235 million domestically.

With these numbers, BP shatters the record once held by Deadpool by having the highest opening of all time for a film released in February. Deadpool once held the record with its $152 million opening.

BP also holds the record as the fifth-highest opening for a film ever, according to Box Office Mojo.  It’s the third-highest grossing film released over a four-day weekend.

With such major cash, we can only imagine all of Wakanda is turning up. Dancer Joshua Buchanan demonstrates some of the moves King T’Challa might drop in the videos below!


The Dora Milaje will also break it down if necessary.


Congrats to the groundbreaking movie!