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Baltimore Was Just Named Most Dangerous City In U.S.

It used to be a foregone conclusion that Chicago was the most dangerous city in the country from the coverage it got in the media but you would be wrong in your assumption. According to a report from USA Today Baltimore takes the crown as “Most Dangerous City In The America”.

Although Chicago did have 650 homicides last year, and Baltimore had nearly half with 343, the murder per capita shows that Baltimore is a much more dangerous city in comparison. Chicago tallied 24 homicides per 100,000 people in last year in contrast to Baltimore recording around 56. Baltimore achieved the highest per capita homicide rate in the city’s history. Many believe unrest between police and the poor and underserved communities have attributed to the rise of homicides in Baltimore.

The report does however show a positive trend in that murder rates in America have dropped by about 2% in the nation’s 50 largest cities. We saw decrease is mostly in major U.S. cities like New York, Chicago, and Houston which dropped double-digit percentages, 13.4%, 14.7%, 11%, respectively.


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