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The best part about an artist blowing up and putting on for their city is that they kick down doors for more artists that we probably wouldn’t get a chance to hear otherwise.

Thank god for Goldlink‘s epic and graceful come up in 2017 with his hit single “Crew” and his Grammy nomination — because now we get to meet dope artists like Ciscero who is definitely up next coming out of the DMV.

But don’t get it twisted, Ciscero is not a newbie when it comes to this music thing. The Maryland rapper and his upbeat soulful vibes have been grinding it out for some time now and was even featured on Goldlink’s “Same Clothes as Yesterday track from his At What Cost album.

But their 2016 collab entitled “Fall In Love” is what really got folks wanting to know “Who Is Ciscero?”

We sat down with the young emcee and chatted about everything from lit new single “Function” (the first single off of his forthcoming Devil’s Pie EP) to sacrificing personal happiness.

We even played a bonus game of ‘This or That’ as Ciscero got candid about his likes and dislikes. Check out his answers below:

On Living Up To The Current Hype Surrounding The DMV

I’m just making personal music right now. At the end of the day, you live knowing that you made the best art that you could. That’s where the confidence comes in. That’s how most of the biggest artists became big — they believed in themselves.

Is There Ever A Moment In Life You Feel Is Worth Sacrificing Your Happiness?

For your child or your family. You sacrifice your happiness to make them happy. But you shouldn’t sacrifice it for things. Honestly, I gave up a relationship to pursue music.

Who Are Some Of You Biggest Inspirations In Music?

Kanye. Pharrell, N.E.R.D. Coldtrain. Jamiroquai — he’s from the U.K. Outkast. Tribe.

If You Could Do A Track With One Of Your Favorite Hip Hop Artist And One Soul Artist, Who Would They Be?

That’s hard. It would have to be D’Angelo, Andre 3000 and for producer, I’ll go with Dilla. I think even in 2018, Dilla could still make one of the most fire beats you ever heard of.


Hit the flip to see Ciscero’s answers to ‘This or That’.

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