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Youtube is undeniably taking over the world. For a society that loves instant gratification, why would we wait weeks for our new favorite shows to air when we have thousands of hours of content to watch right at our beck and call? If you’re not already on the Youtube train, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and discover your new online best friend.

In honor of International Women’s Day, take the time to discover some girls who are absolutely killing it with their Youtube game. From professional beauty gurus who make their living showing makeup tips to girls who make a few videos on the side, there’s truly something for everybody. If you haven’t started to comb through the internet to find your future favorite vloggers yet, here’s a great start on some you need to subscribe to immediately.


Jackie Aina

Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie, Jackie Jackie Jackie!

If you already watch Youtube makeup tutorials and don’t know about Jackie Aina, you might be living under a rock. There’s a reason she just reached 2 million followers, and there’s no more perfect choice to binge watch dozens of her videos on a day like today. Jackie is amazing at doing makeup, but that usually takes a backseat to her incredibly funny commentary and loud personality. She’s also fighting hard for representation for girls with dark skin like hers, and keeps a great balance between her light-hearted humor and discussing important issues.


Felicia LaTour

Contrary to popular belief, Youtube isn’t always about makeup–even when a professional makeup artist is the one making the videos. Felicia LaTour is a celebrity makeup artist, with clients like Jhene Aiko and Issa Rae constantly coming back for more. On her youtube channel, much like her super inspiring Instagram page, LaTour advises viewers on subjects like dealing with anxiety, maintaining a positive outlook, and getting over men who might play you. And her daily vlogs with her adorably daughter Peace are just icing on the cake.


Patricia Bright

Another Youtuber that’s hard to ignore if you’re already into your viral game is Patricia Bright. This South London girl just recently made it to the cover of Glamour UK, which proves just how beloved she is among the entire community. Bright is another personality who does makeup really well, but the reason a lot of us watch her is more for her insane commentary than just learning about beating our faces. One of her most popular subjects is her clothing hauls, where Patricia gives completely unfiltered opinions on the most popular brands floating around–if you want to know whether or not you should spend your coin somewhere, Bright will do all the dirty work for you.


Mikayla Shocks

Mama Shocks isn’t a beauty guru, but she’s got an insanely beautiful family that has the internet gushing over every photo she posts. Her husband Adrian and daughter Ayda join for vlogs about family life that make those of us who are yet to start our own families eager to get the show on the road. It’s both endearing and entertaining watching this gorgeous young family navigate their days and tell stories from throughout the course of their relationship. If you want to watch content that feels like a one-on-one conversation with a friend, this is the channel for you.



If you’re really into makeup and you want to know how to completely beat your face to the gods, look no further than NikkieTutorials. This Netherlands sweetheart is one of Youtube’s original beauty gurus and has been posting videos on youtube for 9 years now. She’s blessed the faces of Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian, and Kat Von D–so it’s safe to say she’s honestly one of the best in the game. Though her makeup looks aren’t exactly made for your everyday grocery shopping outing–unless you’re extra, in which case: you do you–but it’s astounding to watch the work of someone who truly treats makeup like an artist treats their palette.