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If you’ve spent enough time in New York City, you know all about the underground brunch scene. Tons of NY’ers wake up shit-faced early Saturday afternoon, after having partied all night Friday, to make their way to a decent-priced bottomless mimosa spot for more drinks. Then, rinse and repeat for Sunday. Not the easiest feat, especially when you have work bright and early on Monday morning, but it’s 100% doable.

Now our favorite rockstars, Oxymorrons, have shed some light on what that insanity looks like. Before you attempt the incredible, watch their especially authentic video “Brunch”, directed by Bryan Nunez, up top for what to expect. We’d definitely leave it to the experts if we were you, though…seriously.

And before you go, this dope commercial that quickly explains what the Oxymorrons are all about:

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