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So Jersey Shore is returning to MTV in the form of a reunion series called Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

The trailer premiered Thursday — the same night the show is set to air — and pretty much nothing has changed.

First of all, after going off the air in 2012, the cast pretty much looks the same — which is basically varying degrees of orange.

On top of that, Snooki still struggles with gravity…


The guys are still totally into themselves…


At some point, someone has a run-in with the law…


And strange dance moves run amok…



Including the notorious fist pump.


So if you want the messy sands of Jersey shore (or in this case Miami shore) caught in your spirit, check out the trailer for yourself below!


A good time, or nah? If so, you can check it out when it premieres April 5 at 8 p.m.