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Surgeons in full surgical gear during operation

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Giving birth is already the closest that women come to death, and one Florida woman had death knocking at her door for over a decade, and didn’t even know it.

After Amy Bright gave birth to her son at Florida’s Naval Hospital Jacksonville in 2003, she started experiencing severe back pains. A whole 14 years later, a CT scan revealed that she had a piece of the needle used to administer her epidural anesthetic stuck in her spine.

Bright told PEOPLE, “Every time I move and walk and bend and twist and sleep, that needle moves inside my spine. For 14 years, I’ve been creating scar tissue in my spine from this needle moving. I’m angry.”

The 41-year old says now it’s extremely difficult to use her left leg and foot. Her lawyers are accusing the hospital of fraud and malpractice, and they’re claiming the hospital knew the needle was stuck in Bright’s spine but did nothing about it. However, Bright has yet to file a lawsuit, but plans to do so in the coming months.

It be your own doctors smh.