The Daily Grind Video

In a fun, April Fool’s Day twist, Waldo has taken over Google Maps for a limited time.

For one weekend only, whenever you open Google Maps on either your phone or desktop computer, you will see Waldo pop up on the upper lefthand corner of your screen. He waves at you, and after you click on him, you will be prompted to play the lovable game.

The screen transforms into the old storybook format we all know and love, with Waldo and his friends Woof, Wenda, Wizard Whitebeard, and Odlaw, all hiding throughout six different locations around the world. The game left people spending hours of their weekend trying to find Waldo and all of his crew, but most everybody agrees the hard work was worth it.

Everyone who finds all of the characters for each level gets awarded with a special badge–so try if you dare. But if you think you won’t get sucked into spending hours on finding Waldo and the whole clan, think again.