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Family Enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner

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Every race has a set of unwritten rules that they abide by. But for some reason, Black people’s protocol is the funniest, and usually makes the least sense.

These rules aren’t necessarily taught, though. Either we’re born knowing them, or you learn through trial and error.

Do you live by the code? Check out some of these Unwritten Black People rules to find out:

1. Ginger Ale is the best healing elixir for everything.


2. Be sure to greet the other Black person when it’s only the two of you in a sea of White folks — whether it be with a head nod, hand shake or a simple “‘sup”.


3. Do not touch our hair under any circumstances. And don’t ask if it’s real.


4. No slamming doors in the house if you don’t pay bills.


5. No slandering other Black folks in front of mixed company. You may hate each other IRL, but you’re family in front of strangers. 


6. No snitching! They get stitches. 


7. If I share my food with you, I lmust really like you —  but please don’t ask for some.


8. After a gathering, you leave with the people you came with.


9. Run first. Ask questions later. 



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