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Rachel Dolezal

Source: Splash News

In case you were wondering, yes Rachel Dolezal is still at it.

Accordong to Twitter user @RayneSimm, Dolezal hooked her mom up with a last-minute braiding and won her over in the process.

Before the trolls started going in on her mom for going to the sunken place to get her hair did, Rayne added some important context, writing: “Mom is a travelling nurse currently in Idaho/Washington area; She needed her hair done-couldn’t find anyone in the area; (A) family member of Rachel’s is/was my moms patient and referred her.”

Now they’re friends, and Rayne’s mom is riding hard for her girl Rachel, who has a Netflix documentary with her side of the story coming out at the end of April.

Rayne and the rest of Twitter are still figuring out how to process this surprising new development.