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It’s one of the many mysteries of the universe: how do you get someone to stop talking about something that doesn’t interest you in the slightest without offending that person? Most people lie—”Hey Susie, I’ll call you right back. Someone’s on my other line…” Other people pretend like they didn’t hear you in the first place—”Oh sorry, were you talking to me?” But one guy, a genius if you ask me, managed to get his girlfriend to A). Shut up and B). Not feel a way about being asked to shut up. And he was totally truthful when he did it. Yes, apparently, that’s all possible.

Yep, it’s that simple. And a lifesaver:

@BeholderSays got into why it’s the perfect strategy and we agree:

Good one:

Lol, yes basically:

As you can see, this strategy works great for a ton of people because who can get mad at your need to “go into your head for a bit?” Still, every now and then, you’ll come across that one person who isn’t as understanding and accepting as Katie. At that point, you tried and you failed…maybe it’ll work on the kids or a coworker.

What’s your strategy for getting somebody to be quiet…hush…shut their yap? Tweet Global Grind and let us know if you’ll be adopting this as your new-and-improved method to achieving peace and quiet. We’d keep it in our pocket for all the chatty patties, if we were you!

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