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Ann Ogbomo has been making major moves in the superhero realm. After appearing in the groundbreaking film Wonderwoman, she followed up by taking on the role of Jayna-Zod in Syfy’s highly anticipated series, Krypton.

Krypton is set two generations before the destruction of Superman’s planet and tells the story of the Man of Steel’s grandfather, who must save the planet or allow it to be destroyed in order to restore the fate of his future grandson. In the action-packed series, Ann’s character is the leader of Kandor’s military guild and she must protect the city and capital of Krypton from all threats.

So, when we had a few minutes to chat with Ann about the show, we asked the accomplished actress to tell us a little bit about what drew her to Krypton, the qualities of real life wonder women such as herself, and more.

Check out what she had to say.

On what compelled her to commit to the series and role of Jayna-Zod:

Ann: “Her power and complexity. She’s an extraordinary character to play. She has to grapple with so many personal and professional challenges.”

On the best part of filming:

“The family that we achieved. Krypton is something we all love working on.”

On the most intimidating part about filming the series:

“Nothing. It was a very safe environment. Also, the great thing about playing formidable characters is that any fears can be allayed by stepping into role. Jayna’s invincibility was a joy to tap into.”

On the qualities of real life wonder women:

Women are wonderful for so many different reasons. For me it’s hearing women’s stories that fills me with wonder. I couldn’t list a number of qualities, as each story is so unique. What I think is so valuable, is sharing these stories. So if anything, I would pick the quality of sharing.

On her dream role:

Do you know what? I don’t have a dream role. I’ve played so many different types of characters that the thing I enjoy most is when a character is nothing like a character I’ve played before. 

Krypton premiered on March 21. Be sure to tune into Syfy every Wednesday at 10 p.m. and let us know what you think!

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