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Premiere Of Paramount Pictures' 'Annihilation' - Arrivals

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A lot of great things come in pink.



Janelle Monáe seems to think so.

Though the funky pop star never mentions the sex organ by name, it’s clear through her various innuendos on “PYNK” that Janelle has sex on the mind.

And not just a quick one-nighter you pull after a drunk night out.


Janelle is talking that deep, emotional, intimate connection.


With a music video featuring Tessa Thompson, vagina shaped costumes, and a line of asses rolling just for Janelle, it’s no secret she’s diving deeper into her sensual side.

Of course Twitter couldn’t deal. With Tessa making a cameo in another one of Janelle’s videos, folks couldn’t help but wonder if the two have officially become an item.

Check out the “PYNK” video for yourself below, then swipe through to find out how aroused folks are getting over the new release!

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