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2018 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 2 - Day 2

Source: Kevin Mazur / Getty

On Saturday, Beyonce took her show back to Coachella for the second weekend. Unlike Weekend 1 of #BeyChella, Beyonce’s set did not stream live on Youtube. Also to fans’ dismay, the audio did not stream live to Coachella’s Sirius/XM channel, as previously advertised. However, in 2018, everyone has a camera phone and unfortunately, those phones caught a few slip-ups that the Queen probably would have rather us not see.

Let’s take a look at some of the moments that remind us that even in Beyonce’s perfection, everything isn’t ALWAYS perfect.


1. Beyonce & Solange Took A Tumble

While performing “Get Me Bodied” Beyonce attempted to lift up her baby sis, Solange, and they both came crashing down. Such an iconic and genuine sister moment.


2. J Balvin Missed His Cue

While performing “Migente” this week, Beyonce brought out J. Balvin. Unfortunately, she had to call on him several times. Pay attention to how many times she says “Where you at?” Maybe he missed rehearsal?


3. Beyonce Had To Man Her Own Fan

Everyone knows the Beyonce fan serves several purposes. Not only does it keep the Queen looking godly on stage, but it also keeps her cool. Well, someone is getting fired because they totally weren’t paying attention to where the fan was pointing and Beyonce had to do it all herself.


4. JAY-Z’s Less Than Stellar Performance

We can’t tell if JAY forgot the lyrics or if he’s just hoarse and tired from the grueling ‘On The Run II’ rehearsals but this isn’t his best performance.


5. Bonus – Beyonce vs. Cardi B?

TMZ asked Beyonce’s stepfather, Richard Lawson, if Cardi B was a bigger star than his daughter.  They thought they were going to catch him slipping but his response was perfection.