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2017 Lil Weezyana Fest

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To some fans, Lil Wayne is considered the greatest rapper of all time. So it’s always exciting when one of the G.O.A.T.s gives us his top 5 favs in rap history. It just so happens, Weezy shared his list in a somewhat bizarre way.

First, he starred in an ad for Bumbu rum and in the commercial, he’s drinking the alcoholic drink along with some other “GOATs.” Peep the commercial below to find out what I mean.


Following this commercial, Complex then tweeted out Wayne’s Top 5 Rap G.O.A.T.s, while still promoting the Bumbu brand of course.

Why not reveal an important list and promote a drink at the same time, right?

Check out Weezy’s G.O.A.T.s below!

One of the rappers on the list, Missy Elliott was definitely flattered.

We can only wait to find out if the other G.O.A.T.s will show love.

What do you think of Weezy’s list? Is it a given or are some folks on the list less obvious? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook!


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