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A monkey went viral this week after he was spotted panhandling on what is believed to be an Indonesian road. As you’ll quickly notice in the clip up top, he’s dressed as a little girl with a mask over his face to entertain the drivers riding by. While most people are laughing in disbelief, Daily Mail reports it’s no laughing matter as the macaque was chained by his neck in a cruel act that was reportedly banned in Indonesia’s capital years ago.

The site reports, “The incident was part of a traditional street performance known as Topeng Monyet, translated as Monkey’s Mask. It’s a controversial form of entertainment that sees captive macaque forced to dress as human and perform stunts such as riding bicycles. They’re chained by their neck and videos online show them being yanked cruelly whilst performing for the public. Topeng Monyet was banned in Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta after a campaign in 2013. Many of the monkey were unable to return to the forests that they were taken from because of severe physical and mental trauma. However, the practice continues throughout Indonesia.”

People all over the world have since responded to the video, some calling out Indonesia for allowing the monkey to be abused in such a way, others admitting this isn’t the first time they’ve witnessed the act, and many laughing because, well, it’s a little odd to look at. See some responses from ever-opinionated Twitter below and let us know what was your initial reaction?


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