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Police tape cordons off the crime scene

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Three Mexican film students have been missing since March and on Wednesday, they’re killer came forth to confess to the heinous murders.

Rapper and Youtube star Christian Omar Palma Gutierrez admitted to dissolving the bodies of Salomon Aceves Gastelum, Daniel Diaz, and Marco Avaloin in acid at the request of a drug cartel. According to reports, Gutierrez, better known as “QBA”, confessed to state prosecutors that he disposed of the bodies after the three victims were kidnapped, tortured and murdered.


The students were shooting a school project at the former hangout spot of the Nueva Plaza gang in Jalisco, Mexico and were mistaken for a rival gang when they were abducted in March.

Investigators say that although the home belonged to one of the students’ aunts, hit men from the Jalisco New Generation cartel were watching the house after a Nueva Plaza honcho’s release from prison. The cartel members reportedly interrogated the students at a safe house and beat one of them so badly, that he died — forcing them to kill the other two and dump all their bodies in sulfuric acid to hide evidence.


Police are still on the hunt for five more suspects, but Gutierrez, along with a second suspect who has also been detained, will be charged with aggravated kidnapping.

Gutierrez has over 125,000 subscribers, and if you’re a fan of his channel, the news of him murdering people isn’t that much of a surprise to you. Officials are now investing all his social media pages for further clues regarding the murder.



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