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If you’ve been having a hard time expressing the way Kanye West’s recent moves make you feel, you’re not alone.

Thankfully, ultra-gifted MC/songstress Chika, put it all into words in this incredible freestyle.

Over Kanye’s legendary “Jesus Walks” instrumental, Chika spits, “Now Mr. West, take a seat, I implore ya’, over time it seems it’s getting harder to ignore ya’, you undo the progress of the geniuses before ya’, Kim gave you the box and now we know you can’t afford her.”

Chika continues, “It don’t matter how much money you got or you lack, when that check clear, don’t forget your children are still Black, and your music has been wack, and your views are moving back, to a day that trigger niggas cause we still hear that whip crack, I’m passionately passing out some knowledge, son, I’ma level with you ‘cause we both dropped out of college, son.”

Here are a few more standout bars from the freestyle:

”I gotta admit it, I’m annoyed, you came up on niggas’ coins, we thought you could fill a void, you a puppet, you looked at all your fans and you said fuck it.”

“That nigga from Graduation, sorry y’all he gone now.”

“How you say you Yeezus but did nothing to restore us? You support the people up in power that abort us”

”I don’t give a fuck about your clothes or your wife’s new naked pose, or the fact that you can stand for what the people all oppose.”

”It’s not a cross you had to take up, I just pray to God that one day you can wake up.”

Since the video was posted, Chika’s Instagram and Twitter page have seen a lot of new traffic.

If you feel where she’s coming from, keep flipping to see more of Chika’s best.

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