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Martin Luther King, Jr. Speaking at News Conference

Source: Bettmann / Getty

When you think of Martin Luther King, the first thing that comes to mind is his infamous ‘I Have A Dream’ speech.


But did you know that after witnessing all the violence going on in Vietnam and the disdain the country had for Black people, the civil rights legend recanted his 1963 monologue, calling it naive.


But they don’t want you to know that part:

Some say that you can tell in the video that MLK was trying to be brave, knowing that his comments with piss off the higher ups.


Just three months later, he was assassinated.


Nearly 60 years later, and Martin’s word never rang more true. What do you think the legendary leader would say about the state of the nation today?

Check out MLK’s full speech before his untimely murder below.



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