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Premiere Of Netflix's 'Dear White People' - Arrivals

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It took a long time for folks to grasp the fact that Pam was just as fine as Gina. Or that Kelly Rowland is just as gorgeous as Beyoncé, smh.


But in 2018, it’s time to let the colorism complex go once and for all — and Ashley Blaine Featherson is a great place to start.

It’s easy to watch Dear White People and get caught up in Sam’s entire life, but let’s not make the same mistake we have throughout most of Black History and allow the brown skin beauty to play second string.


We gotta admit though, the Netflix series did a wonderful job highlighting Joelle’s story and making it just as important as her peers’. And on that note — check out these glossy, chocolately, melanated photos of Ms. Blaine Featherson, and don’t say we never gave you anything.


All The Times Ashley Blaine Featherson Came Through Drippin’ Melanin
Netflix's 'Dear White People' For Your Consideration Event - Arrivals
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