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Black dog floats on the surface of the water, Red Sea, Dahab, Egypt

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We’ve always known dogs to be man’s best friend, but you might not have known that canines look out for their own too.

One Arizona dog named Remus proved this when his right-hand-guy was struggling in the high tides of a backyard swimming pool.


See, Smokey couldn’t get this swimming thing quite right and home surveillance video showed him barely keeping his head above water in the family pool.

However, Remus wasn’t about to let his guy go out like that.

After pacing back and forth at the edge of the pool watching Smokey struggle, Remus finally leaped into the pool like a Homeward Bound cast member.


Once Remus was in the pool, he used his body to push Smokey out the water.

Check out the video for yourself below, which has already received over 158,000 views.



According to Smokey and Remus’ owners, Laurie and Jay Becerra, Smokey can swim but not that well. “Jay saw Smokey all wet and wanted to see what happened. They were horsing around and he just fell in,” Laurie said when recalling the video footage that captured the action.

According to Laurie, Jay was in the house for only a few minutes when the dogs were left unattended. She says they must have snuck through the fence to play around the pool, which has happened before.

Both dogs came out the whole situation unharmed.

I guess that’s what you get when you have a ride-or-die by your side.


Word of advice.

Get you a friend like Remus.