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They say you learn something new everyday, and with the Internet expanding so rapidly, it seems like we learn something new every second. Most people go their entire lives repeating things they’ve heard without checking it’s validity.

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For example, this whole time, we’ve all been complaining about something being “hard as hell.” But to many folks’ surprise, it’s actually “hard as hail” — get it?


Idioms and expressions are said to be one of the most difficult parts about learning the English language.

“Idioms in your first language don’t translate well into English. I’ve learnt this the hard way.”- Bayan_bdg

“I bet it’s hard to translate complex idioms, like the Russian “incommunicable spiritual anguish” and the English “Guess what? Chicken butt.”- BoobsRadley

The beauty of life is that you learn and grow and change everyday. There are so many instances when people were today years old when they found out certain things.

“i just found out that the division symbol (÷) is just a blank fraction with dots replacing the numerator and denominator. oh my god.”- Advil

That got us thinking, what else have we been saying that’s flat out wrong? People are still bugged out that Gif is pronounced Jiff. Hit the flip to check out more phrases you’ve probably saying wrong all along.

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