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Spike Lee

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Spike Lee returned to the Cannes Film Festival for the first time since 1991 and the legendary director was awarded the prestigious Grand Prix award, for his film Black KkKlansman.

27 years ago, Lee’s Jungle Fever stole the show at Cannes, so it’s only fitting that his first film to show since is getting all the acclaim.

Written by Jordan Peele and starring John David Washington and Adam Driver, the true story has everyone who’s seen it raving.

Cannes jury leader Cate Blanchett said of the film, “We talked a lot about when a film transcends the limitations of its culture. Spike has made a film that is quintessentially about an American crisis and yet all of us felt connected to it. That, we felt, really elevated its importance even more.”

Cannes judge Ava DuVernay also had positive words, “As an African American filmmaker, I was completely taken by the film,” she said. “I’ve imbibed every film he’s ever made. It was startling and stunning. But when I walked into the jury room, I decided to listen to my jury members. It was a robust dialogue…emotion and energy from these artists from all over the world.”

Watch the trailer below, and flip the page to read the synopsis.

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