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In another episode of dogs being more humane than humans, one English Labrador is making headlines for his Good Samaritan acts.

Fred is straight out of Mountfitchet Castle in England, and recently he took in nine baby ducks who are missing a mom. According to People, the 10-year-old dog has been looking after the yellow babies since their mom was nowhere to be found last Thursday.

Fred’s human dad, Jeremy Goldsmith, is a director for Mountfitchet Castle. He told The Sun, “We knew the mother duck was nesting and then suddenly these ducklings appeared but she was nowhere to be seen…we think it was possibly a fox.”

The little ducklings don’t seem to be hopeless. Viral photos of the canine and his new kids show there’s a lot of love between the two species.

Has your heart melted yet?

How about now?

Sources say this isn’t the first time Fred has looked after a group that is not his own. According to People, he also held it down for an injured squirrel in the past.

So Fred is basically an angel.


Castle staff say that the little ducklings follow Fred everywhere, including into a moat for swimming. They also sleep alongside him and on top of him in the dog basket.


“He’s got a lovely nature and has grown up around rescued animals,” said Jeremy. “They absolutely adore him and he has now resigned himself to being a stay-at-home dad looking after the nine baby ducklings.”

The castle staff expect Fred’s “babysitting services” to last a few weeks, but either way, the little ones are welcome to stay at the castle or venture out into the world when their ready.

Considering Fred’s tender love and care, it’s safe to say they’ll have the tools to take on the world.