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So ultra-conservative mouthpiece Tomi Lahren had a drink thrown at her this weekend, and now people are defending her like she was the Good Witch of the North.

According to TMZ, she was having brunch with her mother at a Minneapolis restaurant. When she was on her way out, someone hurled water at her. Sources say the attack was unprovoked.

Tomi tried to confront the attacker after it happened…

But some nearby patrons weren’t having it…

Now don’t get me wrong, getting water thrown on you is definitely an insult and could cause anyone to get buck.

But by the support Tomi was getting, you would have thought she had hot acid thrown on her. Trump sure made time out of his “busy” schedule to support Tomi.

Where was Trump’s support for women during the #MeToo movement, or during the unwarranted harassment of Black women just trying to check out of an Airbnb?

But, I guess water does have melting effects when it comes in contact with bigots.


Just last week, Tomi called for people to steal liberal’s food at a grocery store in order to teach them a lesson on illegal immigration.

But folks were outraged by the “watergate” scandal.

There were also people who supported the drink throwing. Swipe through for some opposing commentary, then let us know if the brunch attack was too much, or nah.

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