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Vince Staples once again speaks on the controversial subject of the day, and of course he keeps it a thousands with a dash of humor. This time, he’s weighing in on the Pusha T and Drake beef.

Things got real personal when Push dropped his “The Story of Adidon” track, and he talked about Drake’s father, mom and his alleged baby mama Sophie Brussaux. While some people are saying it’s all fair game in battle rap to get personal, Vince seems to think differently.

In an interview with Mike D and Matt Wilkinson, Vince said, “when somebody dies, I’ll pay attention, cause if we not going there then why are we doing it. That’s my mantra on violence and aggressiveness.”

He then half-jokingly continued, “with that being said, please don’t talk about me in songs. Be nice to me and I’ll be nice to you and I’ll give you a ride in my car, if it’s charged.” You can check out the full clip below…


But Vince’s rap beef talk didn’t end there. Apparently, he got some pushback from his comments and he explained himself more on Twitter.


Vince does have a point. Some of the things Push said about Drake’s family would definitely result in a “cash me outside” moment in real life.


Can we really expect personal hits to stay on wax?

Vince had more thoughts on the subject. Swipe through to see him break it down in his usual hilarious style.

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